Erica Durance Possible Surgeries Images

Erica Durance

Erica Durance was born on 21 June,1978 to parents Gail and Joel Durance in Calgary. She is known for her work as actress, producer and director. Some of her works include Lois Lane on Small ville and portraying Dr. Alex Reid in drama Saving Hope. In childhood, she was trained in classical singing.

In 1999, she completed her graduation and moved to Vancouver to achieve her goal. She studied in  “Yaletown Actors Studio” with her husband and her coach. She commenced her career in film with the movie The Untold, which doesn’t gained her fame. But after being cast in Smallvile, she first gained fame.

Erica Durance Possible Surgeries Images

She recieved numerous of awards and nominations for her different roles including Best supporting actress on television, Gemini Awards, and nominated for best actress by Canadian Screen Awards. In 2006, she ranked 38 in the list of “100 Sexiest Women in the World”. She was named Sci-fi Hottie Women by the Entertainment Weekly Magazine. Apart from her work, she is a active member of World Vision Canada. Durance co-hosted the art auction at the Wizard World Chicago for Jeph Loeb. The event raised $70,000 which went to  “Sam Loeb College Scholarship Fund”.

Erica Durance, our very own television star, was caught under the rumours of whether or not she opted for a surgery?  Hollywood lovers and plastic surgery speculators were behind her to hear an official confirmation from her side to term their speculations as facts.

Possible surgeries

A competetion among young and older actress is getting stiff day by day. Young actors ofcourse come with great screen presence but elder actresses are coming with even more stunning looks and experience. Experience is something that they have built over the years but their sharper features than before build only rumours of surgeries, same is the case for Erica Durance.The favour job of her fans is to keep comparing her older images with her most recent pictures to spot difference that is beyond natural. 

1. Breast implant

This procedure is quite evident because of her images, her recent images show bigger and better bust size.

2. Rhinoplasty  (nose job)

Similarly a look at her images shout for a rhinoplasty too. Her nose job is visible because of its poor results. A lot of her fans criticise her decision of choosing the surgeon. Even rhinoplasty is a tough surgery but it’s pretty common amongst celebs and most of them have got it right. 


3. Liposuction

She apparently looks lean and is said to have lost oodles of weight which might be a result of a detailed Liposuction.   

The above three are listed prominently because they are mostly apparent on her. However she might have took some minor augmentations for her eyes, jaws and lips. No official statement has ever been passed by her, but the people interested In her don’t want for one.

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