Sarah Michelle Gellar Plastic surgery

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Prinze famously known as Sarah Gellar was born on 14 April,1977  on New York City. She is a well known actress, film producer and entrepreneur. At the age 4, she was spotted by an agent, she made her debut with An invasion of Privacy. She appeared as a guest in several movies. And later fetch a leading role in Swans Crossing. In 1993, she was awarded the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series for her work in All my Children.

She was a figure skater and finished third at the State regional competition at New York. She also took part in several Take Mein Do competitions. Gellar was given a concession on her fees as her mother is a only parent and was not not able to fill that. She used to be absent from her classes, as she had to work in acting projects.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Plastic surgery

Apart from her career in film and television industry, she is active member of  several charities including breast cancer, Habitat for humanity, Project Angel Food and CARE. For project Habitat for Humanity, she actually went to Dominican Republic to build those houses. For Angel Food, she delivered food to infected people and granted wish if children of meeting her. Gellar started a company Foodstirs, which is a startup for selling baking kits in 2015. Gellar married to Freddie Prinze, they met on the shooting of film I Know What You Did Last Summer and married in 2002.


1.Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

This woman is popular for her surgerical procedures. A lot of her fans keep pondering over this hot question. Apart from just speculations a lot of channels even came up to prove their point. The procedure that, she is really famous for is, rhinoplasty.

It’s the most talked about because it’s one of the examples of promising future of rhinoplasty in the world. It gave her subtle results with minimal tampering. 

To understand it better, you can refer to her Before and After images which can help you trace this truth. The only difference can be seen from the tip of her nose.

Prior to her nose job, her nose looked a bit bulbous and broader at least than what it was earlier. Her recent images are a clear dead away showing a better shape of her nose.

2. Botox


When you get one surgery done on your face, other features dont complement naturally with enhanced features. You need to use Botox injections or fillers to make your other features glow too.

She basically used Botox just on her  forehead because that was the “need of the hour”, instead of blindly using botox doses everywhere on your face.

Her forehead has no wrinkles, which is stunning for a woman of 40. With the help of procedures you need not embrace the ideology of ” aging gracefully” rather “age without letting anyone know”.  

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