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Holly Hunter

Holly hunter was born on 20 March,1958 in Conyers, Georgia. She received a degree in drama from Carnegie University. She is a well known actress and producer. In 1993, she played Ada McGrath in “The Piano”, for which she was awarded Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, BAFTA Award in a leading role, Cannes Best Actress Award.

Hunter commenced her career from horror movie named The Burning. Later moved to Los Angeles, she make her appearance in TV movies before being in cast of Swing Shift. She had been part of brothers Ethan Coen and Joel Coen film Blood Simple, she made an uncredited appearance. After film Raising Arizona, she became a acclaimed star. She went on to take several adaptations of Henley’s “Miss Firecracker”, romantic drama “Richard Dreyfuss” and the docudrama.

Holly Hunter Plastic Surgery

Hunter had a bout mumps on her left ear which caused a problem in her hearing. This condition leads to complication in her work. Some scenes need to be altered from her script. She married to Janusz Kaminiski, cinematographer. She later got hitched with British actor Gordon MacDonald in 2001. She met him during the production of Marina Carr’s. They had twin boys Claude and Press. And she described herself in a interview as an “agnostic theist”.

Who is 57 years old, looks much younger than ever. She can give competition to any newbie onscreen.  But is she eligible of looking this good offscreen or naturally. Off lately, loads of rumours build up stating she went under cosmetic to look this fresh. Her face shows a complete difference now when she is 50 plus than what it used to look during her 40’s. 

Hunter possible surgeries

If you keep waiting for the celebs to accept then you are being passive. Active are those who immediately trace the difference just using the new and old images available on Web. What immediately captures attention on her face is that, ” it’s way too young for a woman who should look terrible by now, simply because of her age”. 
Face lift is not an easy process, it’s one of the most dangerous process and if not done under precision it yields bizarre effects. Thus Holly is one of those lucky celebs who got it right. This Facelift has given her a pulled and tighter look.
This is an age where you start feeling conscious about your looks especially when you are a part of show-bizz and end up with surgeries one after the other. All we should wish is, Holly just don’t goes for a surgery one after the another like Linda Evans and Alicia Douvallsteps.


A Facelift when combined with Botox injections not only pulls your far tighter but also soothes out the lines of wrinkles. It’s also said that apparently Holly Hunter took an overdose of these botox fillers. An overdose is evidently visible.


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